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The Crappers

Austin and Lawrence are 11 year old twins….and yes, they are related to Thomas Crapper who invented the flushing mechanism of our toilets!  They are out-going, fun, thoughtful and sensitive boys who have had a particularly hard time with the separation and divorce of their parents and subsequent events that caused them a great deal of distress involving both emotional and physical harm. Social Workers managed to make matters worse, along with many other professionals who were supposed to help them.  Amongst other things, they experienced fear, anger, social disengagement and nightmares.

Their mum felt unable to help them and did not know how to fix things as matters kept getting progressively worse.  She tried, in vain, to get any kind of help, which was very hard to find, too expensive or simply not available.

Eventually, the ELSA teacher at their primary school helped, and the boys found solace and emotional support in each other and their sisters.  The tide turned and the smiles began to return.  They are now doing really well and thriving …but they don’t want others to go through hardships alone or without hope.

Heidi is 9 and has also been through a lot of unpleasantness, especially for someone so young.  She has found herself at emotional extremes, not understanding her feelings, nor knowing how to process them at all.  She has suffered from aggression, had behavioural difficulties and huge confusion in her life.  Learning how to massage, sharing her skills, experiencing Reiki and Gin Jytsu, (as well as constant ELSA support from her school) has really helped her see the wood from the trees and Heidi too is doing very well and now wants to share what she has learned with others.

Natasha is 6 and has not been as negatively affected as her brothers and sister due to her age.  She is a very sweet, kind little girl who loves meditation and yoga.  Relaxing and taking things easy comes naturally to her, and along with her giving nature, is keen to join in with Happy Spuds and spread a little happiness and cheer amongst other children.  Her dream is to take her own yoga classes!



There are many, many topics that can cause stress or anxiety in children:

  • Divorce or separation on parents
  • A loved one having cancer
  • Death
  • Terrorism
  • Body Image
  • Exams
  • Racism
  • Moving house or school
  • Feeling like you don’t fit in
  • Peer pressure
  • Bullying
  • Social Media


There are equally many ways to help address these topics, mostly beginning with acknowledging that there is an issue and feeling able to start talking about it with people who make you feel safe to talk and will listen.  These are often people who might have experienced similar life events and want to share how they felt and how they dealt with their feelings.

Many coping mechanisms centre around music, art, massage, sports and talking.  They often involve relaxation techniques, self-expression, listening, caring, releasing and having fun in a group environment.  The power to heal is within all of us and being together, smiling and laughing is one of the most powerful tools we have.